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Relocation Services Germany


What our clients say:
Simply wonderful and caring, very understanding to help at any time

"Counsellor assigned to me is just simply wonderful and caring, very understanding and ready to help at any time" – Akindele A.

"The fact that we were made to feel more like a friend than a client was a nice touch." – Sutanu B.

"Great availability and bargaining power with the agencies." – Vittoria C. and Julia R.

"I felt in very good hands during the process, I had good information and feedback, and I felt that my agent really cared for me and wanted to give the best support possible." – Karen E.

"Great proactivity and quick understanding of my objectives" – Carlos G.

"It was really helpful to work with someone who lived in the US.I really appreciated the speed and urgency of the services provided. My consultant was fast, efficient and friendly. I would highly recommend her to others. – Alek G.

"The viewing of properties was excellent and perfectly matched my requirements. My counselor was even able to suggest an apt outside of my initial scope that in the end I took. She was extremely professional and took the hassle out of the move. I cannot recommend her more”.– Russell G.

"Responsiveness of representative to questions. Face time and opinions during Look & See. Courteous and professional nature of representative." – Nykema J.

"Thank you very much indeed for all your help, seems that everything is in good order even though I have not been there for most of it, and I am absolutely delighted with the apartment! Thank you again for making this inherently difficult process go so smoothly it has been great working with you and I have already given feedback to the HR team that I would highly recommend you for other people." – Luci M.

Management Mobility Consulting is member of these relocation associations:

Worldwide ERC - The Workface Mobility AssociationRelocation France - Magellan Quality Label 2018Global Relocation ServicesChambre Franco-Allemande de Commerce et d'IndustrieSNPRM - French Association of Relocation and Mobility ProfessionalsEuRA - European Relocation Association